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    Vero Moda Scarf Packaging
Silk Scarf Packaging
Packaging Design
This Project was done as a part of the Packaging Design course at NID under the guidance of Ms Tridha Gajjar.  Brief was to identify problems in the existing packaging of any product and redesigning it.

The existing packaging is a small hanger for the scarves to be displayed and as gifts they are packed into simple boxes. But there is no comman structure which can serve both the purposes.
My solution
To make the packaging more efficient in terms of usability and make it more intresting interaction wise.
1. Structure: The structure is a simple roll of paper folded such that it be displayed and also it can be used as a box when its flaps are folded.
2.Surface graphics: I chose ‘Vero moda’ as the brand and studied their visual language  and packaging. I decided to follow their sense of bright colours. The final outcome is feminine yet bold.
Each pack has a set of illustrations showing one unique way of wearing the scarf.
Initial Explorations
Final Dimensions
Final Packaging with artwork
Packging used to keep the scarves in rolls
Packaging used for display when flaps are open. When closed, it can be used as a gift pack.
Flaps were made using simple origami folds.
Multipurpose use of the packaging for display in stores.
When unfolded, each pack has a set of illustrations showing one unique way of wearing the scarf. This will make the interaction of the user with the packaging interesting and memorable.