Banner Images for Challenges (Part 1)
Amazon All India Campus Programming Challenge:
This is one of my favorites of  the banner images that I have done. I wanted to design around the idea "Come build the future with us" and the "Amazon - The Everything Store" , at the same time give it a feel of tech and programming challenge.​​​​​​​
3 Address Code Hackathon by J&J:
An interesting engagement event. 3 address code is an intermediate code which is used by the compiler. Through the banner I presented the idea in a minimal way. Additionally, creatives for Posters and infographics (for timeline and prizes) were also designed since it was an engagement event.

Infrrd Python Expert Hiring Challenge:

Another exciting challenge. This was the first challenge with the word "EXPERT" int it. This made me thinking that the person who would hired through this challenge would be a superhero at python and this was the idea for my design. I also have a name for this superhero, "PythonMan" (an insider joke).
Bosch Blockchain Developer Hiring Challenge:
Through this creative I wished to potray the feel of a blockchain challenge. At the same time, the creative had to give the idea of tech and programming too.​​​​​​​
Hitachi Full Stack Hiring Challenge:
The creative shows the various business aspects of the Hitachi Consulting. The orange color theme also came out very nice.
Increff CodeRunner Contest:
This was a challenging illustration. Increff conducted an engagement event with programming based questions. Increff wanted a banner that makes the participants aware of what the company does. Increff is a growth partner to brands and retailers. They have 2 products - ASSURE and IRIS. Poster to be printed for colleges was also designed for this event.
Pratilipi Full Stack Developer Hiring Challenge:
This illustration is one of my favorites.  Pratilipi is a two-sided marketplace that acts like a self-publishing platform for Indian language writers on one side, and as a discovery, reading and buying platform for the readers on the other side. For this creative, I sketched th character and its surrounding that would give feel of a coding challenge. Plus placed the ink and feather connected with a tab for tab. This was to present laptop for coding and ink for writing stories. This was also the first illustration where I used grain brushes.
OPS campaign:
This illustration was designed for an internal team event. The "operations team" did a campaign to generate ideas for improving the performance. The design presented the story of different micro-teams that come under Operations Department.
Wissen Software Developer Hiring Challenge:
This illustration is inspired from one of my favorite illustrators, Uran. After the illustration was published, many people came and asked me the same question: "Why is this guy fat?". And I had only 1 answer for all of them, "Maybe, he got fat due to a lot sitting!"
SheCoders Nucleathon 2019 by Nucleus Software:
This illustration presented the story about the power of women in tech. Her ideas have power and infinite vastness expanding throughout the galaxies. This girl was first sketched and given long hairs for the idea of vastness and then illustrated.
The Great Indian Data Scientist Hiring Challenge by Edgeverve:
Data Science is a field that involves data points, patterns, sets. With this idea I designed for points. Some points are random and some are arranged in a pattern. One such noticeable pattern is 'E' for Edgeverve.
Full Stack Hiring Challenge by Sahaj Software:
This creative was illustrated keeping in mind first person perspective i.e. laptop as viewed from the eyes of the user.. Also this was the first illustration in which  I used texture.
Socure Code-a-Thon - -Software Engineering Hiring Challenge :
Socure is an organisation which deals in Identity verification and Fraud Prevention.
Falabella India ReactJS Hiring Challenge:
This one time I observed my friend (who is a developer) was sitting on a bean bag while coding a program. And even he feels more comfortable to sit on a bean bag while coding. Using that as an inspiration I did this creative.
Collegiate Code Rally Contest -2019 by Nokia
For this I challenge, I worked on the timeline and prizes infographics. I used a lot of symbols in a presentable and creative to give a visual hint of the related event.
Lenskart SDE2 Hiring Challenge:
The inspiration for this creative was to use shapes to depict the playful and fun. 
Azure AI Hackathon:
This infographic was designed as the top page banner for the challenge page of the hackathon. 
Banner Images for Challenges (Part 1)

Banner Images for Challenges (Part 1)

This is part 1 of Banner images I did for different hiring challenges and hackathon events.