Anna & Marina
logo & ID fashion brand

Anna & Marina is a new Russian premium and luxury clothing brand aimed at customers who value status, prestige, uniqueness, exclusivity, self-sufficiency and acustomized approach to all things around. Consumers of luxury and premium goodsare well-to-do people. They take clothing and accessories as a fairly powerfulmeans of self-expression, but they normally prefer a brand that suits theirlife style, way of thinking and vision, rather than just price.

The brandof Anna & Marina was designed as an alternative solution for admirers ofinternationally acclaimed brands such as Prada, Gucci, MaxMara, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Nina Ricci, etc. The designers were challenged to make the logo andidentity an expression of the visual image that would communicate without toomany words the core message of the brand and identify its target audience.

The approved concept of the logo and identity was built on the saying "like mother, like daughter", or alternatively "where theres an apple on theground, there must be an apple tree around". Many generations of womenhave been brought up on this concept. The apple symbolizes the touching motherand daughter relationship, continuity and adherence to tradition. It alsocreates a variety of associations such as beauty, temptation, seduction, etc. Anna& Marinas target audience is represented by women of different styles andways of life, nature and origin like the different varieties of apples, yetrelated through the main female values: motherhood, recognition, passion, love, wealth. This concept was embodied not only in the icon design, but also in theelements of the branded pattern and heraldry.
Ordered by FRONT:DESIGN.

Anna & Marina