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    This is a portfolio I made to show off my ability to create game ready 3d props for environments. The models and textures were all made in Autode… Read More
    This is a portfolio I made to show off my ability to create game ready 3d props for environments. The models and textures were all made in Autodesk Maya 2010 and Adobe Photoshp CS4. Read Less
Textured Props & Environmental Modeling
Created by: Joshua Derr
This portfolio is designed to showcase my ability in creating AAA game quality 3D props using Autodesk Maya with textures created in Adobe Photoshop to be used in bringing to life an area based on real life types of environments for video games. In this portfolio I will also be demonstrating some of my lighting abilities in my environments.

I have been modeling for a few years now and recently got into making realistic textures for my models. I am currently still a student at the International Academy of Design & Technology studying for a BFA in Game Production. I am still learning some of the tricks to the trade so I know there still room for much improvement.
This scene was created for a game idea I have started to work on. This warehouse is a headquarters for some drug dealers manufacturing facility that is about to be raided by SWAT and DEA agents. All the models in the scene, textures, and lighting are of my own design and my own hard work.
This is an Image of some 50 gallon barrels and wood pallets. Each model has a diffuse, normal, and specular map applied. The image is a rendered image using Mental Ray in Maya. All of the models are "game ready".
These shelves hold various solvents, chemicals, and propane tanks used by the drug dealers to cook their sinful syrup. The brick wall is a tiled texture created from a reference photo of a brick wall. The metal texture was created using different filters in Phtotshop.

This is an overhead shot to give a little bit of the layout in the back section of the warehouse.
This section of images were not of models or scenes I created, but I was given the task to create the textures and lighting for the scenes is a class. These images are only meant to show off my texture and lighting ability.
I began by setting up the lighting scheme. This render wasn't the best quality but it was just a test to get the lighting, Only meant to show a step by step process.
After applying the textures, adjusting the lighting and camera angle this is the final image that was created. The textures were created using reference photos and adjusting them in Adobe Photoshop with various filters and brushes.
There will be more to come. I am working on in game footage of environments/levels I have created in Unreal Development Kit, UDK.