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AKASEN - Flyjin


Flyjin is a chic japanese-influenced night club located in the heart of Old Montreal. This series of posters represents the extended graphic universe of the event and was executed as part of the 2018 annual artistic installation.

The name of the Akasen event comes from Japanese slang which was used to identify Japan red-light district. A dark and intriguing universe who suggests a hypothetical parallel view of what a futuristic Akasen might have been. Destabilizing and attractive. A dark poetic vision of modernity. The graphic elements convey the universe in which the Flyjin through his installation wants to invite the client to immerse himself in this offbeat event.

Identité  Virginie Bédard
Direction artistique & design  Hugo Cavailles | Virginie Bédard
Direction de création  JP Berthiaume

AKASEN - Flyjin
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Multiple Owners
Bzoing Studio