Here are some stories set in a magic world where everything is possible, 
for example you can find a green stuff which help you to protect your family. 
The aim was to show how Kaspersky Security Cloud can protect your family
from cyber threats. The concept of prehistoric world was born due to our 
tough guys and was supported by an inspired team from Kaspersky Lab.
Please enjoy this black and white pictures.

Customer: Kaspersky Security Cloud, Kaspersky LTD

Creative ides: Ekaterina Chernova @chernova.katya, Alina Danilova
Producer: Ekaterina Chernova @chernova.katya
Director: Sasha Krechman @SashaKrechman 
Illustration and design Daniel Shubin @danielshubin
Script by Victor Harin
Storyboards by Irina Kovrigo @atomicidiot,  Ksenia Gavrilyuk
Animation: Studio Peppers,
Yevgeniy Astrakhantsev @mamboreiro, Paul Ablamonov @pashoooo
Music and sound design: Denis Frolov 
Kaspersky Security Cloud