Elemental Beverage Co.
Elemental Beverage Co.
Chen Design Associates​​​​​​​

Introducing a sophisticated, chilled coffee with an entirely new look and feel. Chen Design Associates’ branding for Elemental Beverage Co.’s debut stands apart from the competition with abstract watercolor play inspired by the nuanced notes of single origin, estate-grown coffees. Our unexpected packaging invites wonder and provides an emotional connection to the bright, fruit-forward flavors retained by Elemental’s patented chilling technology – innovation which converts hot, freshly brewed coffee to cold in less than a minute, without compromising taste by dilution, oxidation or additives.​​​​​​​

Creative Director: Josh Chen
Design Director: Tracy Taylor
Senior Designer + Illustrator: Cedrik Ferrer
Project Manager: Alexis Grossman
Strategy: Becky Luoh, Kathryn Wong Hoffman
Production Manager: Saree Rice
Animation: Kenneth Jong
Photography: Alexis Tjian, Kenneth Jong, Bernee Briones
Elemental Beverage Co.