BIG B Honey is a range of products from a group of urban beekeepers in Cities around the world.
The challenge was to construct a brand for the urban beekeepers company. Consider a brand name and mark, product packaging for the range, advertising and anything else relevant that could develop the brand further. 
The name derived from the idea that the Queen bee is the biggest in the hive/colony and that most things you see in Cities are on a large scale.
The idea for my logo and concept came from speechmarks. I felt that each region that sells the products could have sayings and phrases that relate it back to that area. The products would be localised, so taking into account different dialects and accents it could be a way to identify the area they originated from. This also makes the products more playful and recognisable among consumers and gives something back to the people or community produced it.

Logo idea, devlopment and speechmarks concept
BIG B clear and set honey jar/bottle designs, outer packaging, stickers and wand
BIG B Honey wheat beers and labels
BIG B Honey special edition wheat beers which work as a set whilst on the shelves. Designs are also on the back of the bottles so that when turned the logo is still seen.
BIG B Honey special edition wheat beer bottle caps to determine the flavour of the beer.
The packaging that will be used for the products will all relate back to the area in which it was produced. This will done by placing a phrase between the logo speechmarks somewhere on the packaging. The phrase or stereotypical saying will use typography that suits the language and dialect of this area to relate to it closely and create a humour that people will see when purchasing the products (as seen below on the 'cockney honey roasted nuts').
Some examples of greetings cards that can be placed within the bags or packaging once you have purchased a product. Here the typography is picked specifically to suit the area/phrase in which it is being said. I have shown examples from the UK, USA and Australia.
Business Card Designs
Advertising - Australia
Advertising - London
Advertising - Tube station
Advertising - Bus shelters and billboard