Design 360° Magazine No.81 Custom Typeface for Brand

No.81  Custom Typeface for Brand  |  品牌定製字體

In recent years, many famous brands and internet companies have gradually updated their brand fonts or launched customized fonts. In today’s competitive market environment, brand recognition is critical for every brand, and each design needs to help the brand to stand out in the market. As the most commonly contacted visual element by users, the font carries more functions of brand value communication. Just like languages, fonts will subtly and powerfully influence people’s thinking and deepen their impression of the brand in the process of being widely used. The process is like the misty rain, which is silent but effective. This issue of “Customer Typeface for Brand” will explore how designers can meet the brands’ delicate pursuit of brand recognition and design in this “customization era” by creating the type’s strokes. The highlight of this issue is a bilateral interpretation of the phenomenon: ideas were gathered from the brands as well as from agencies and type designers.


book i  Lab 實驗場

This issue of “Lab” is our first attempt to use four different covers; by combining the Latin initial “a” with the four tones of Chinese Pinyin, editors hope to imitate different pronouncing sound and echo with the emphasis on Chinese type design for brands in this issue.


book ii  Trail 行跡  |  Design in Buenos Aires  布宜諾斯艾利斯設計行

- h3l

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book iii  Force 原力  |  Custom Typeface for Brand

Type is Brand 字體即品牌

- 騰訊(Tencent) — 郭特宏(Elvis Guo)× 余濤(Tao Yu)
- 阿里巴巴(Alibaba) — 林江輝(Lin Chiang-Hui)× 朱志偉(Zhu Zhiwei)× 陶一泓(Tao Yihong)
- 愛茉莉太平洋(Amorepacific) — 安尚秀(Ahn Sang-soo)× 王子源(Wang Ziyuan)

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Era of Customization 定製時代

- Production Type — LVMH & LV Magazine
- Pentagram — OPPO
- Dinamo — Tumblr
- 資生堂(Shiseido) — Shiseido
- Fontsmith — SAUDIA

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270° Exchange  交流

HKDA Global Design Awards 2018  香港設計師協會環球設計大獎2018

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315° Voice  發聲

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Publication Info

Chief Editor & Design Director: Joshua Wang
主編及設計總監:Joshua Wang

Associate Chief Editor: Hyde Ou

Editorial Consultants: Xiao Yong / Chen Nan / Javin Mo / Jiang Hua / Hei Yiyang
編輯顧問:肖勇 / 陳楠 / 毛灼然 / 蔣華 / 黑一烊

Design Assistants: Antiny Wu / Human Mar
設計助理:吳燕婷 / 麥曉雯

Coordinator & Flowcharting: Yuer Bi

Editors: Lauren Luo / Yuer Bi / Yeeman Lin / Leslie Z / Forest Xiang
編輯:羅咏詩 / 畢玉兒 / 林怡雯 / 張湉加 / 項文俊


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Design 360° Magazine No.81 Custom Typeface for Brand

Design 360° Magazine No.81 Custom Typeface for Brand

In recent years, many famous brands and internet companies have gradually updated their brand fonts or launched customized fonts. As the most com Read More