• Quesos San Ramón
  • Quesos San Ramón is the only artisanal cheese producer in Nicaragua making matured cheese with milk produced by local rural farmers using sustainable agricultural and production practices. The farmers are taught to use tropical plants containing high amounts of protein, as well as reforestation techniques, soil and water conservation, and the tropical ecosystem. This creates a sustainable solution to the 6-month dry season when the quantity of forage available for the cattle is at a minimum and milk production is greatly depleted.
    Hand-crafted from raw milk and following traditional Dutch techniques, Quesos San Ramón's ultimate goal is to fulfill the artisanal cheese market throughout Central America, while improving the lives of their employees, farmers, and  uplifting the economic development of their community. Quesos San Ramón sells to exclusive resorts and premium restaurants, passing profits to their milk producers and employees. The volcanoes in the logo reference the national symbol of the five Central American countries at the time of Nicaragua's independence. We created a logo and branding that feels premium, rustic, and true to Quesos San Ramón's mission.

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