Cork Bicycle Helmet Concept For Lacoste
A helmet constructed with green materials with styling more akin to fashion than protective gear. Well-suited to leisurely rides around town, running errands or commuting. A stylish alternative more in sync with current trends in recreational and urban cycling, compared to the overly-technical, race-inspired designs that typified most helmets on the market at the time.
Finished presentation model
A great deal of thought was put into all aspects of the helmet from target market to material selection. My main goal with the helmet design was to introduce innovative, natural materials, since the main component of all helmets -- EPS foam -- has remained unchanged since 1970. It was my intent to revolutionize the helmet from the inside by choosing a material which has a minimal impact on the environment, and is thus better in line with the values of many cyclists. 
User Profile
Targeted towards young, female, urban professionals between the ages of 19 and 40 who are socially conscious and educated. For individuals who have a casual attitude towards cycling and see no problem riding in street or semi-formal attire, they use cycling as a mode of transportation and for running errands. The target group of this project is decidedly atypical of what one may expect in North America, but it is representative of a growing movement adopted from progressive countries such as Holland and Denmark.

Technical reports from the Snell Memorial Foundation informed the choice to use an exterior hardshell over the inner cork layer, since it was the most effective system for preventing head and brain injuries. The Snell research also confirms the validity of targeting users between the ages of 19 and 40, as injuries are more common among this age cohort. Material research by Granata Material Intelligence inspired the use of cork as the inner-shell material, proving that it has comparable energy absorption properties to EPS foam.

Materials and construction.
Two part mold. The plug was refined and used to create the internal plastic shell.
Refined shell shape and simplified layout for fabric pattern.
Newspaper pattern mock up. Looks nasty, but it works great!
Experimenting with different configurations for the cork liner.
Experimenting with different configurations for the cork liner.
Possible colourways
Finalized direction. Rendered in illustrator prior to constructing the final appearance model
The evolution of the concept told through sketches. Very loose to more refined and detailed.
Quick and dirty sketches exploring strap and closure configurations.
Solidworks / Photoworks

Exploring venting options.
Exploring brands to give the helmet an identity. Early concept for Chanel.
Early concept render
Getting closer.
The most influential sketch in my entire process. This set precedent  for numerous hat influenced sketches.