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Distinguish Your Booth with Media Wall Stand
Boost your sales by displaying your products in Trade shows. In the past years, trade shows have been proven the key trait in developing and developed businesses. In these events, the exhibitors get a chance to communicate with the potential audience and media. On the other hand, attendees get the latest products at special low prices. The aim of the exhibitor is to attract the targeted audience and for this purpose the booth design is the most important consideration. Among the many designs of display stands, Media wall stand is the most popular because it is inexpensive, transportable, and easy to carry.
The other booth designs are only seen in the exhibitions but this design has diversity in its functions. From photo shoots to award functions this stand is used everywhere. Many events all flooded with sponsors who all want attention and a great way to achieve that is through media walls.

What is a Media Wall?

A large wall having images, logos, slogans, and sponsors used as a backdrop for events. The media wall has two main purposes;

1- To create a clean backdrop for photographs to be taken
2 - To promote brands, products, and companies

Media Wall Backdrops Uses

The Media Wall Backdrop is not only confined to Exhibitions. It is an economical solution for an eye-catching, and Customization backdrop---It is ideal for photo shoots, conferences, and exhibitions. It is getting increasingly popular because it is portable, lightweight, and easy to set. It is the most dynamic way to display your message and promote your brand. It has proven itself the perfect and cost-effective advertisement for your business.
Different styles of Trade show stands

Every businessman knows the importance of Trade shows in marketing. The design of trade show stand is a significant factor to attract targeted customers and to boost your sales. So, every company designs their booths best as per their budget and sort of trade show.

If you own small-sized business and budget of your company is  quite small. Don’t worry! Media wall standees perfect for you.Unlike Trust and hybrid booths, they are portable and easy to handle. It is the most inexpensive and attractive design. The different styles of booth display are:

1 - Panel display
2 - Pop-up Display
3 - Hybrid booths 
4 - Media wall stands

Benefits of Media Wall Backdrop

The major benefits of the media wall are:

Promotion of sponsors

Big events have a big budget and it becomes necessary for organizers to get sponsors. By placing their name on the media wall backdrops the best way to give them back.

Low priced design

The expense on the media wall is quite low as compared to other stands. This design is portable. It can be easily shipped at very low prices. With all the benefits of this stand, it is easy to understand why this is the most popular type.

It adds value to the event

Placing a media wall, a red carpet and throwing some ribbons in front you can surely make your event a mega event.
Media walls

Media walls


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