Kabinet Suarasa
Non-profit Organization
​​​​​​​Kabinet KM ITB 2017/2018 or we called Kabinet Suarasa as a student government (Executive Council of Student) brings a vision of the ITB KM as a beacon of the Indonesian one-way mutual cooperation movement. Being a movement flare means that KM ITB aims to be a light that guides and co-shoulder with elements of students, the general public, the government, and other elements in moving to improve the lives of the Indonesian people.

We design how the identity created can reflect the value of nationalism with unique and different delivery from existing student organization branding.

We started from the beginning; starting from analyzing the data and the target audience, forming the Kabinet Suarasa name (the formal name is the Kabinet KM ITB 2017/2018), logo making, to the overall grand design. The manufacturing process until the validity period of branding runs for one year of management.

The meaning of name "Suarasa" inspired by words "Suar" that means light, and "Asa" means hope. So it be expected that the Kabinet Suarasa can help realize ITB students to become pioneers of Indonesia through out our future activities.
Visual Style
"Beauty can be found around us"

Kabinet Suarasa's visual style inspired by vernacular shape that found in Bandung's pedicab (becak) and street vendor (pedagang kaki lima). Aside from having local unique elements, vernacular adaptation give a closer and warmer impression to the identity.
Typeface &
Photo Filter

Layout style takes reference from the Indische era poster. In order to focus on the message delivered, we use filters with color selection on certain objects. The style of language used is inspired by Indonesian newspapers and advertisements in the 60's, with formal language but has a humorous impression.
Brand Application
Certificate and Organization structure
Poster for Social Media

Magazine, Agenda, Flyer, Book
keychain, greeting cards, agenda, and flyer
Web &
Social Media
instagram feeds

Documenter video to deliver the message that the dreams (Asa) of the Keluarga Mahasiswa ITB that have been achieved with the Kabinet Suarasa.

Organiser: Kabinet KM ITB
Art Director: Ilfi Tanzila
Brand Manager: Dimas Bagus Bimantara
Graphic Designer: Adisty Deandra, Muhammad Alnauval, Meidy Aisyah, Celine Felicia Desmonda, Septianie Putri, Wulan Anggraeni, Amalia Rosdiana, Fadila Disma Puteri, Hasna Taqiyya, Dini Firiana, Najmiyatun Lailatul Haq, Nadhirah Nuha
Motion designer: Arkansyah Farras, Rafico Lingga
Video designer&editor: Krisnhoe Rinaldy, Rhea Laras Thehawijaya
Printing House: Angkasa Putera Printing, Surapati House of Printing
Thanks to: Selvia Novianty, Yusrina Sabila, Citra Sari, Selvia Diwanty, Tasya Dewi, Achmad Fayed, Aditya P. Khariza

Branding for Kabinet Suarasa

Branding for Kabinet Suarasa

Kabinet Suarasa is Student Executive Council of Institut Teknologi Bandung. We created the identity that can reflect the value of nationalism wit Read More