I'm super happy to announce i'll be making my first art book this year for all of you who have been asking and supporting my work. Here's a sneak of it. I will launch it with 3D total publishing through Kickstarter!  
You can check it out over here:
There's a bunch of cool goodies exclusive to the campaign along with many surprises.
Hope you enjoy it!
To develop the cover, i did a few sketches first, really rough and quick to get the feel of it.
When the approach was more what i wanted, i did some different tests with the same concept
color test time!
then i designed the final cover a bit more
and added some color following my preferred color test
And here`s what happened! This will be the final cover of the book. IT WILL GLOW IN THE DARK!!
Some details :)
For the characters, i wanted to have 4 main characters. They would each represent my best friends: my dog, my husband and my sister. So I tried different characters in the search for those.
I chose this one for the boy
and painted it live at my workshop in Rome last summer! It was lots of fun.
I also designed a tote bag for the campaign that GLOWS IN THE DARK!
And i worked hard to get some line work art ready to make a super cool riso print (my first riso print) for you guys to have. It was hard to make the colors work but It`s looking good!
This is what the riso colors will look like
And the approximate size
These are 4 pins that I designed for the book as well. And these are the 4 characters I chose!
I decided to make a traditional painting from 2 of the main characters to see how they would look on textured papers and have some fun.
I used prismacolor pencils, markers and watercolor paper.
Here are some details for you to see. I will give a 15min tutorial of this illustration o all backers :)
Thank you to everyone that already is or it`s going to be a part of this project. Its because of all of you that it`s been made. I will try my best to make a beautiful book that feels like a little treasure to everyone that wants to have it.
If you want to get yours you can go here and pre order it now that the campaign is over:

Thank you!
Wonder art book

Wonder art book

Wonder, the art and practice of Beatrice Blue. Pre-Order now on Kickstarter!