2004 - present
DeVille began life as an exciting realization of a dream project for Jesse Fleet during the summer months of 2004 in Brooklyn, NY. After returning from a somewhat crazed shopping expedition that turned out to be fruitless in its efforts, he decided to take on a personal creative venture to craft clothes that he and his friends would want to wear. The idea was simple: since he couldnt fix what he found in the stores, he would take the sketches,
ideas and artwork that he had and lay them out in a fashion that would reveal the influences in his life.

Shortly thereafter, Ami James and Chris Nunez stepped into the picture. Longtime friends of Jesse, they showed an interest in what had been achieved and were eager to help and include their talents.

DeVille was launched in the fall of 2004 with just 5 designs. Confidence was high when the initial line was received with a hugely positive response. Plans were made to put together a worldwide marketing plan
utilizing TLC's Miami Ink as a launch pad. Through heavy use of product placement (ranked #3 in a 2007 Neilsen rating for product placement on TV), DeVille began to pick up momentum and popularity and as the show grew, so did DeVille.

Relocating the DeVille headquarters to Miami in 2005, the three artists increased their efforts and the hard work began to pay off. As ideas solidified, an agreement was realized that success was dependent on one thing... "we had to make clothes that we would want to wear". Today they continue that aspiration by maintaining the highest level of quality coupled with innovative and thought-provoking design concepts.