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Early Bird™ is Bleed Monitoring System that improves patient outcomes through early detection and monitoring of internal bleed complications associated with vascular access procedures.

Although they avoid the need for open-heart surgery, vascular access procedures are not without risk. A sheath needs to be inserted into the artery as a conduit for the other equipment involved in the operation. Bleeding complications can arise during the initial access if the needle accidentally pierces the blood vessel. As there are no outward symptoms of the puncture, the patient can bleed undetected until a significant amount of blood is lost.

Until now, there has been no way to specifically monitor, in real time, access site bleeding complications.
“We chose Cambridge Consultants as a development partner as it has all the skills we need under one roof – from mechanical engineering and wireless communications to human factors and industrial design. It even has a simulated operating room where physicians can test the technology in a realistic environment.” Saranas
The Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System includes a vascular access sheath with embedded sensors that measure the electrical resistance across the blood vessel.

By sensing a change in the vessel’s electrical resistance, the Early Bird is designed to detect and monitor bleeding from a blood vessel accidentally injured during endovascular procedures, such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement, large bore hemodynamic support device placement, or other complex endovascular interventions, where the femoral artery or vein is used to gain vascular access. The technology was invented at the Texas Heart Institute.
With the Early Bird, miniaturised electronics in the cardiac sheath will give the doctor an instant warning as soon as bleeding is detected.

“Our technology is a cost-effective solution that benefits the patient, the physician and the hospital,” said Michael Magnani, CEO of Houston-based Saranas. “In addition to being economically viable, the system is easy to use.”
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