This is the final comprehensive assessment of my college years. We were asked to pick a local business/organisation and to re-do one of its previous campaigns. I chose to design three pieces to promote the 2009-2010 season of the Théâtre de la Bordée: the season's brochure, a pamphlet/flyer and a poster.
I wanted to create a visual that would stand out among Quebec's three other major theatres. The design had to appeal to La Bordée's current clients (mostly mid-aged ladies) and also attract younger ones (18-30). I picked some daring, vivid colours that really catch one's eye and I balanced their impact by placing the text in a more conventional way. I used some drop caps to create more impact and add sophistication to the whole look. 
If you're curious, you can see the season's real visuals here and here.
Cover pictures: Noémie Beaulieu
Other pictures: courtesy of Théâtre de la Bordée
Fun fact: the pamphlet's cover is a self-portrait. Ha!