The idea of Hybrid series originated from specimens. I was looking at a specimen at a gallery, when I suddenly realized that a death of a creature can be given a new form of life by preserving its flesh. The works of this series are inspired by three most common ingredients that are used in creating specimens: birds, bones, and insects, combining with the technique of Zentangle arts, religious symbols and mechanical parts, and are presented to form the balance between artificial and natural creations.
Hybrid_Bird, speed drawing with ipad APP "procreate"
Hybrid_Zen, speed drawing with ipad APP "procreate"
Hybrid_Skeleton, speed drawing with ipad APP "procreate"
To finally keep the works authentic as if they were also specimens, I printed the works with screen printing first, nailed the drawings to the middle of customized frames, and then attached a specimen handbook, noted with date of creation, region of creation, and the specimen preservation instructions of the mimicked insect.
Zentangle’s framed handmade specimen version. With the close-up image, you can see the texture of the screen printing and the nails to present the specimen idea.​​​​​​​
Thank you for watching :)