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Ryan McGinley + Dash Snow Exhibition Catalog
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    Guide and catalog for a theoretical exhibition featuring work by Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow
The brief was to create a catalog for an exhibiton on a contemporary artist to take place in a non-traditional space. I chose to feature the work of Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow collectively, and started with a bit of urban exploring to find a space that felt appropriate. 
I decided to create the catalog in two parts. The first was a guide to the exhibition, instead of traditional wall-mounts, this small booklet would serve as a guide to the art on the walls. The exhibition is meant to be impermenant, the art is placed on the wallss where it slowly erodes into its enviroment.  The tabloid, inspired by Dash's newspaper works, contains the story of the artist's friendship, told through their work and in the words of their friends and contemporaries. 
Once the tabloid has been read, it can be assebled into a four part poster
featuring a collaged portrait of the two artists together.