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The English Bus offers guided tours of England and the UK for small groups, with expert guides and luxury busses. They are the #1-rated small group day-tour operator out of London, and specialize in scenic back-country roads, charming villages and towns, and other interesting destinations. Their vehicles have been specially built with huge panoramic windows and a glass roof. They distinguish themselves through their hand-picked, experienced guides, personal attention, and beautiful and interesting sights along the journey to the chosen destination.

Locomotive was chosen to take charge of digital strategy, art direction and implementing technology for reservations and payment processing. Wanting to make the user travel before his departure, Locomotive's film crew flew to England to create exclusive content as part of the project. Positioning the video to capture the unique essence of the excursions offered was essential. Locomotive used Charcoal technology and created a personalized system making it all possible, allowing the administrator to facilitate daily logistics and increase business intelligence.

Project Management — Genevieve Levert / Creative Direction — Frédéric Marchand / Artistic Direction — Delphine Jaffres / 
Design — Marie-Christine Dion / Front-end Development — Antoine Boulanger / Back-end Development — Joel Alphonso

The English Bus - Website