Russian Drag Queen

photographer Lyovin Vladimir @lyovinvladimir
art-director Lyovina Evgenia @evgenialyovina
stylist Alena G @ploschadvosstaniya
make up Vlada Korosteleva @vlada71
model Ivan Vydumlev @ivanvydumlev
agency Jadevine @jadevineagency
inspiration Juno Birch @junobirch
for Fotofaq Skool @fotofaqskool

Ivan Vydumlev talks about his project, which inspired us to the plot of fashion photography:

 “At this moment I’m finishing the documentary full meter editing about Drag Queen community in Saint-Petersburg. It includes four short stories. My main goal was to compare travesties in Russia, with the countries where at some point the sexual revolution had happened and drag queens, like a part of pop culture, became idols and icons for the huge part of the society of that time. But to be honest, I was scared to come close and to explore the word of these “Divas”, even “monsters” in some way... In the beginning of May I’ve gathered the film crew of a three people and the shootings begun. We’ve been in different clubs, including the largest travesty stage in Russia in the club “Cabaret”, have shot the show in the auditorium and in the dressing room. These are two different worlds, and not many people suspect what’s going on backstage. In the dialogues the characters were telling about their lives out of Drag show, about the beginning of their careers, about the way their image evolved, about the team relationships and were sharing their opinions about: the future LGBT communities in Russia, about the attitude of the authorities to this issue, about the stereotypes related with this craft and many other things.”