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    This is my creative task for my hyper island application 2013. Photo: Marcus Rönne, www.marcusronne.net
Safe zone
When you're standing on the edge ready to drop, you’ve picked your line and there’s nothing but that line in your mind. You take your first turn, get the feel of the snow, second turn to a drop into a smaller couloir, the adrenaline is rushing through your veins. You land and hear immediately how the snow cracks. The only thing running through your mind at this moment is fear, fear of getting stuck under the avalanche you just started. At this point the adrenaline is running your body and it is telling you to get the f*** out!
Safe zone will help you to avoide a situation like that. With Safe zone you can make a risk calculation for your specific run in seconds. Enter the information about your specific run and Safe zone will calculate the risk of your run such as previous weather conditions, new snow, wind direction, temperature differences. This will give you a, more or less, exact calculation of possible risk for an avalanche.
Since this is not 100% certain there's a section called "safety precaution". Where you will find step by step instructions and videos of some very good techniques that will be useful for extra precaution. These instructions will be stored offline, but if an instruction has a video, the video will not be available offline. However, if you click the button “Store offline” it will, obviously, be available offline.
If you end up in a avalanche you can send an emergency message to a pre made list of contacts with exact coordinates of your where about.
You will also be able to download an offline map of the local area. Take for example if you wondering where a run ends up. You can without any internet connection check it out on a map. You can choose to view, Piste maps, Off-piste runs, Lift status, Cities, Bus stops and Google places.
Thanks for watching!
Real pixels:
Safety precaution - http://bit.ly/YC2JBh