Poster Competition----All Star Deduce Superheroes
Poster Competition----All Star Deduce Superheroes


▶︎Competition conten
China(exclusive)league of star’s IP
World Outlook based on Star-over Power
American comic book stars to draw the superhero image for the content
Stars +Fans +Professional people  A three-way Review super poster competition

▶︎Work Requirement
This activity needs to take # Star-over Power all star deducts superhero # as the theme, combines the character’s image, the ability, the weapon and the background to create the work. Entries must be the comic style, illustration or poster form! Or change "the reference material" in the image manner, the movement, but cannot change the modeling. Just draw fans of the star or hero in the poster! Single or group posters are all acceptable.
Please provide the color mode as RGB, resolution greater than 300DPI, single sheet greater than 1820*1280 (pixels), JPG form manuscript.

First prize (one) : RMB8000+ star over limited souvenir(worth rmb1100) and he will become a signed artist of Star-over Power in the Sharing Time.
Second prize (two winners) : RMB3000+ star over limited souvenir (worth rmb1100)
Third prize (three winners) : RMB2000+ star over limited souvenir (worth rmb 600)
Most popular award (top 20) : a set of star over limited stickers + a star over hat. The works will be added into the star over power system, and the commercial realization income will be Shared with the author for a long time.
Most promising artist award (10 winners) : a set of star over limited stickers + a star over power hat, and a long-term cooperation opportunity in the era of signing and sharing.
All winners have the opportunity to become long-term cooperative artists of the sharing Time. All winning works will benefit from commercial income in the later period, and the income will be shared with the author.

▶︎Review Team
Sharetimes   TUYAWANGGU

▶︎Introduction to Hero Rules
✨Chen He----Sky Fighter
Order Alliance
Superpowers:Thunder Separation
Weapon:Future War Clothes
Sky Fighter(He)is an ordinary warrior of Sky Fighter planet, Sky Fighter star is a planet more developed than the wisdom of the earth, because the gravitational field is heavier than the earth, Sky Fighter star people can resist the pressure and have thunder and lightning ability. Sky Fighter
(called himself genius) by a strange combination of circumstances by chaos army group chase after kill to the earth, encounter silver captain to add order eye alliance.
✨Lin Genxin---Light Blade
Order Alliance
Superpower----Fencing,Hidden Weapon
Weapon:The body made of nanomolecules
Gloves that can be turned into weapons to produce lightning are possessed by evil forces. In an attempt to recapture his invention, he forced his way into the lab, and the glove exploded, leaving him bereft of his body and electrical life. Consciousness was absorbed into the core of his lightning AR glasses. With a small new consciousness of AR glasses met Ren Quan, was brought back to the order of the alliance, through the assistance of Dr. Lei mi, the use of order in the alliance of molecular nanometer group of small new body, and then join the order of the alliance.
✨Ren Quan---Captain Silver
Order Alliance
As the "silver captain" of secret service, taking over before feeling with master like father and son, the accident body of the master dies made him suffer a lot, produced heart demon thereby. Born with leadership and strong ability to guide, he is indispensable in the order of the alliance, admired by the people with the endless sad behind, and eventually find the coexistence of demons and the heart of the program and maintaining the peace.
✨Liu Tao---Aurora
Order Alliance
Weapon:Mantra Card
Tamia grew up in an orphanage was funded by the government, she always want to know about her own life. It was only the orphanage director knows many stories behind, in an orphanage in a sealed cabin. Tamia’s Card accidentally use her body to open another channel of the world, a new world and Tamia dreams about it , and her biological parents have met her in the dream. Dean just in new world entrusted her new mission, helping mankind fight chaos legion to invade...
✨Du Haitao BEAR MAN
Order Alliance
Superpower:Body defense and fist
Height:182—242(After shape shifting)
Tao is a bear man who was accidentally bitten by a genetically modified polar bear and became what he is now. The order alliance finds itself with superior strength and physical defenses. He was a gentle man, so he was recruited as a member of the rank league. Tao waist-bear in the team is a super protective shield, and his super defense is equal to the name of his food, this order of the league's kitchen to create a huge pressure.
✨Liu Xuan—Purple Ice Crystal
Primitive Awaken
Superpower---Brains and fast speed
Weapon:Double short stick
She has beautiful face and curves sexy, dedicated features charming posture, it can be salt can be sweet milk can also be fairy. Behavior is doing things more mysterious, travel mission and battle in her thinking dimension clear logic smooth. Superpowers before awakening of consciousness, as beauty is a good gymnast, training home late one night, she were captured by abnormal revenge society, given their own research and development for its unknown plain colored liquid, struggling for a moment as the United States about everything around them with ultra high predict, action also become very agile, vermiform in gymnastics evolved into combat.
✨Wang Guangcheng---Puppetmaster
Primitive Awaken
Superpower:Control Aluminum man
Wang guangcheng, he likes to call himself dancing prince. People prefer to call him the puppet master. Guangcheng, who is good at sports since childhood, likes music very much and can dance with music at any time. At the age of 10, the school organized a trip to Mo Kao Grotto at Dunhuang. He is pushed into an unopened grotto by the school bully. In his panic, he finds that the murals in the grotto light up and lead him to a space full of flying goddesses, who show a set of twelve celestial demons
✨Howard—Singing Recluse
Rhythm Sanctuary
Ability:Create Infrasound wave
Weapon:Robot Arm
Howard was born in a family of killers. Since childhood he did not see his father, his mother was sent to the family stepmother is also missing mysteriously. He was trained to be the best killer in his family. As a young man, the family encountered a rebellion, and he lost an arm in the conflict. In the process of pursuing the rebellion, he met his father's former friends and went through his father's journey. From his father's notes, he learned the ability to control sound waves in the pulsating sanctuary.
✨Zhang Lanxin—Blue Heart
Primitive Awaken
Zhang lanxin is a student of the prehistorically awakening training. She has a high talent in body art and the most popular junior sister in the team. Her spirit was swallowed by darkness and she fell into a coma because of the "chaos crystal" touched by the impulse in the important task of a prehistorically awakening. She was secretly kept in the special medical center of the base. After a coma for half a year, she reawakened in the form of "the dark world".
"The dark world" had a great influence on zhang's heart.
✨Chen Shuang----The Snow Queen
Primitive Awaken
Superpower:Control snow and ice
Weapon:Snow War Boot and Glove
Cheng Shuang appearance superior skin white, her parents missing in her childhood lead her personality heart does not love to talk. Don't fit in, installed high cold words let her classmates have a special treatment, bullying in school also dare not tell aunt. After that, her personality becomes suspicious and irritable, which is a huge difference from before. The magic power released after being angered is extremely destructive, and she will bite herself even if she cannot control it well. Cheng Shuang is a beautiful and desolate snow goddess.

▶︎How to receive awards
①The final result of this contest will be announced on July 10th through @star over power Micro-blog and  HYPERLINK "" activity page! Please pay attention to the award information.
②After the result is announced, the organizer will contact the winning facial artist, and the cash and prizes will be paid/sent out within 10 working days. Please note to check the email, and according to the content of the email, cooperate with the organizer to complete the original documents collection, copyright agreement signing, bonus, prize distribution and other work within the specified time.

▶︎Weibo Topic Wall
Do you want more people to see your work? Do you want to increase public support and attention to improve the probability of finalist?
Share the contest works to the Xin Lang Micro-blog with the topic: #星迷宇宙全明星演绎超级英雄# and @ 星迷宇宙@涂鸦王国菌, many prizes waiting for you to take!

▶︎Ownership of copyright
All winning entries, the copyright belongs to the organizers of the intellectual property rights: the participants to ensure its creation, upload works are independent, entries could not contain blood, violence, as well as the reactionary ideological content and ensure the work and the creative process is not in violation of the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, not infringe any third party rights, including but not limited to, the copyright, patent right, trademark right and other rights prescribed by the law. Participants are aware that their creations and uploads are based on the activity organized by Sharetimes inc. Participants understand and agree that, if the winning works are awarded, the ownership and intellectual property rights of the winning works (except the popularity award) shall belong to Sharetimes inc. Sharetimes inc has the right to use the winning works, and the participants ensure that Sharetimes inc's use of the winning works will not be held accountable by any third party. If the winning works and their creation process involve the use of third-party works and portraits, the participants must have obtained the full authorization of the relevant right holders. Participants agree that, in case of violation of the above provisions, Sharetimes company has the right to disqualify participants and recover the prizes according to the original status of prizes. If recovery is not possible, the participant shall pay the same amount. Please read the above terms carefully. By submitting your work, you agree to and abide by the above terms.

▶︎The final interpretation right of the contest belongs to the organizer, the way to contact:
Sponsor: Sharetimes
If you have any questions about our contest, Please tell us, E-mail:
Thanks so much!
Poster Competition----All Star Deduce Superheroes

Poster Competition----All Star Deduce Superheroes