Aron the sailor.
Personal work
St. Patrick's Day
EP cover for Benbrick
The Kiss
EP cover to CLTRSHCK
Kid, please, draw me a house!
The Truth
It is an illustration of the verse "The Truth",  written by Roman Mnatsakanov
Epaulette that is not real, but only wax. And candle burn down someday. The meaning is - to accept yourself and others, epaulets - not real, then remove them!
It is an illustration 
"We are born to be human"
It is an illustration of the verse "We are born to be human",  written by Roman Mnatsakanov
Tea break
Sergei Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto № 1in the criminal area in the city of Perm
The Birth of Paranoia
Ship's name - "Mind"
Ocean inside me