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    The Making Of Golf GTI - Out Of This World
GTI - Out Of This World
- Director's Foreword -
Reality has too many restrictions, but fantasy is boundless. This short film captures the adrenaline-pumping excitement of racing. It is a visually-dynamic story set in outer space. The golf GTI represents Earth in a battle for supremacy against the best racers from around the universe. This race is not just about speed, it is about the well-balanced, all-round performance of the GTI, showcasing the spirit of a true racing machine.
In this ultimate test of speed, it is earth’s finest technology that will triumph in this visually stunning race. I will maintain a firm grip on art direction and dynamic camera movement in order to create this breathtaking sci-fi epic that will capture the audience’s imagination.
The Golf GTI is an icon, known for its high-performance engine, sharp handling and sport-focused design. The GTI will be built within an alien race arena which fully embodies a sci-fi theme. I see engaging phases, colorful lights and dramatic setups of the different scenes in this film. Colorful skies, natural elements, organic lightning, crystal surface race tracks, combine to create a semi-realistic and graphical approach. Overall art direction will be futuristic in terms of the environment, alien HUD, alien vehicle design.
However, we will still maintain the physics of gravity throughout the intergalactic race as our story builds around the hero car. It will still resemble race tracks and racing attributes from earth.
- by Kaism -
- Main Story & Sequence Structure -
- Race track Design -
- Environment Concept Art -
- Early Styleframes for 1st Pitch to Client -
- Early Vehicles Design -
- Vehicles Style Direction Development -
- Car Stickers Design Development -
- Production Photos -