Space Scraper
An environmental illustration celebrating the speculative and hypothetical accomplishment of engineering and technology that is the "Space Scraper", the tallest structure ever built. ​​​​​​​

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First a mockup/model of the cityscape was created in Google SketchUp to be used as reference.
I wanted to add an interesting and world-establishing element in the sky, so I refined a vehicle idea I had conceived before. 
Then the floating vehicle was created in SketchUp.
Once captured in the same angle/perspective, I photoshopped the ship into the city scape.
This gradient-based aesthetic was actually a happy accident that I stumbled across unintentionally while playing around with the fill and stroke of the vectors.
Because this piece was being used as a part of my thesis, I ran into some conceptual challenges while trying to decide on the final look of the pieces. I needed to decide between an aesthetic focus or a conceptual focus. 
Some aesthetic decisions, like this image ad direction, had to be abandoned to avoid distraction and busy-ness. 
Getting the text just right was a challenge as well. 
ASSIGNMENT 5: Main Character Design
This series of robots are crucial in the larger narrative of my thesis, communicating the requirements and needs of 3 distinctive eras in my world. 

The GoGo Fighter (center)'s design was mostly conceived before hand, but needed improvement and adjustment. The other two needed to be designed. So I took the opportunity to flesh their designs out so that they can act as references and assets for other graphics, designs, and illustrations. 

The colored variations serve as promotional/announcement material for a "public" introduction of the robots. ​​​​​​​
The line work variations serve as infographic "data" about the robot. 
Some Designs and Images created for thesis using the created characters as assets and reference.
Because my original aim in designing them was to be like schematics, I ended up posing them in very robotic and awkward ways. I gave their arms a bit more movement and personality. The third one's pose remains because he is already in character.
Originally I was going to head in a completely different direction with this assignment. However as my thesis ensued, I changed gears to create characters that were more useful and important to my thesis. 
BUT this does not mean this is the end of the original direction. 
As key images are conventionally a combination of mostly illustration and concept art, I felt a key image that is a combination of graphic design, illustration, and concept art was appropriate to the multidisciplinary and multimedia nature of my thesis. 
Graphic Assets used in final design
I started with a simple and quick sketch done with a stylus on my phone, and vectorized the line work. I wanted to go for a calm and meditated composition, contrasted with complex and dense linework. 

During the vectorization process I began to like the minimalism and clarity of pure line work, and decided to stick with it. 
I references real mushrooms and mushroom creatures of my own for the alien parts. The robot casing is an asset from the previous assignment.
I felt very strongly about the yellow background once I put it there. It felt bold, and this yellow is symbolically was significant to my world as well.
But as I went along, I wanted to be sure, and made sure to try different options. 
The size of the icons and extra text was originally way too large, the cutout feeling of the moving icons felt awkward, and my main title felt a bit unloved. 

After the feedback I made sure to address these issues. 
The evolution of hooks
Space Scraper

Space Scraper


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