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Top 26: Best rated TV shows of all time
Top 26: Best rated TV shows of all time
So, I just started a movie club with my cousins, and it turns out, that they know nothing about quality tv-shows and streaming services in general. I promised to make a guide, where they can see, which tv-series to start with because they are some of the few, who never used IMDb and not a lot of Netflix.

What is IMDb? IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database and is a huge database, with a huge selection of movies, tv shows, and artists. A lot of people use it to see information about a movie, tv-show or an actor, and people use it to rate a certain show. Breaking Bad has been rated 1.216.070 times atm.

They just got a new TV, and the other day we watched Lord of The Rings trilogy, which is probably still the best movie ever. But there are so many good new productions, and they haven't watched Game of Thrones either, which was almost on the same level if you don’t look at the last season.

Yes, my cousins sound like dinosaurs, and I guess a lot of people know the feeling from when they are trying to help their parents with electronics. I found a good website, where you can compare smartphones, so you find the best smartphone for money.  

I suggested that to my mom, and she was very excited, especially, when they make YouTube demonstrations. Well, back to the TV-shows. I have made a list from IMDb, where I haven't watched all the shows, but with those ratings, it should give you a lot of value no matter what.

Some of the shows are old or anime, so just look it up on google before you go nuts on the list. There is a lot of binge-watching material here, so just enjoy all the great stuff there is available nowadays, if you just have a decent television, a ChromeCast and a smartphone with a streaming service.

Top 26 TV-shows

Chernobyl, 2019 - Score: 9,6
Planet Earth II, 2016 - Score: 9,5
Band of Brothers, 2001 - Score:9,4
Our Planet, 2006 - Score: 9,4
Breaking Bad, 2008 - Score: 9,4
Game of Throne. 2011 - Score: 9,3
The Wire. 2002 - Score: 9,3
Our Planet, 2019 - Score: 9,2
Blue Planet II, 2017 - Score: 9,2
Cosmos, 2014 - Score: 9,2
Rick and Morty, 2013 - Score: 9,2
Cosmos, 1980 - Score: 9,2
Sopranos, 1999 - Score: 9,1
The World of War, 1973 - Score: 9,1
Avatar: The Last Airbender, 2005 - Score: 9,1
Life, 2009 - Score: 9,1
Sherlock, 2010 - Score: 9,1
The Vietnam War, 2017 - Score: 9,0
The Twilight Zone, 1959 - Score: 9,0
Human Planet, 2011 - Score: 9,0
Dekalog, 1989 - Score: 9,0
The Civil War, 1990 - Score: 9,0
Firefly, 2002 - Score: 9,0
Hagane no renkinjutsushi, 2009 - Score: 9,1
True Detective, 2014 - Score: 9,0
Fargo, 2014 - Score: 8,9

I hope you found something interesting on the list, otherwise, you are very picky about the things you like. Thank you for reading, and have a lovely week.
Top 26: Best rated TV shows of all time

Top 26: Best rated TV shows of all time


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