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    Projects in which I was the primary interaction designer.
Interaction design projects
WGBH Interactive
The Galapagos: Interactive Evolution feature for NOVA—Darwin's Galapagos. Roles: Interaction design, visual and interface design.  View online
Engineer Your Life: Lead user experience strategy and design re-tool of the Engineer Your Life home page. View online
Evolution: A companion website to the seven-part broadcast series. Roles: Creative direction, information architecture, and visual and interface design for the site and interactive features. I oversaw the work of several designers contributing to interactive features and design production throughout the site. The screens below show the progression of one interactive simulation. The users were able to explore the streams and see how exhibitionism has an evolutionary payoff. View project
Creative development sketches for the guppy simulation feature:
Initial sketches for concepting with team and coordinating with content producer and illustrator. 
Rough piecing together of interface to guide content creation and illustration.