Apotek1 is Norway’s leading pharmacy chain with over 400 stores. With a broad target audience, Goods’ task was to create a signature private label brand from the ground up, gathering a wide range products into a coherent yet distinct brand. In close collaboration between Goods and Apotek1’s product development teams, pharmacists and marketers, the Metode brand has been designed to work seamlessly across physical stores, e-commerce and advertising.

Taking cues from Apotek1’s long medicinal history, the design system references modernist pharmaceutical packaging of the 50’s and 60’s, and the two-stripe system works as a clear identifier in supermarket shelves. Within a year, the Metode range will consist of around 100 products. 

While Norway has a nationwide home recycling program for plastic, the pharmaceutical value chains and the category’s strict regulations makes it challenging to find new ways of packaging products securely. The first steps of packaging the Metode range in more sustainable materials has already been taken but will continue in close collaboration between Goods and Apotek1.

Design Agency: Goods Oslo
Brand: Apotek1
Typeface: Söhne (Unreleased) by Klim Type Foundry
Rendering: Maxim Kadashov

Metode | CGI