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Illustrations & Iconography
Microsoft Inclusive Design
Illustration designed to celebrate the end of a successful series of projects for Microsoft & Slanted Light. The graphic illustrates a number of memorable moments and people involved throughout the project.
Microsoft Cortana
My first project for Slanted Light was to create a visual narrative to illustrate the metaphor of a sea captain as it relates to the Microsoft product Cortana. I illustrated a number of elements including icons, infographics & chapter openers all with the same look and feel, creating a very unique and memorable research document.
Earnest Iconography
Series of icons created for a project proposal for Earnest & Slanted Light. Using a simple style and monochromatic color palette to illustrate the financial themes to be explored.
Planet Labs 
Planet Labs was another great client I was able to design for while at Slanted Light. This illustration depicting their satellite imaging technology was a splash page concept I created for them as they explored a brand revamp. My goal was to introduce a playful and approachable visual style to their highly technical and fascinating technology offering.
Miscellaneous illustration projects
Illustrations & Iconography