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    Tricubic is a frame with equilateral triangle prisms around tubes and every side of the prism could be customized.
This is an old idea of mine. The idea was to put equilateral triangle prisms on top of each other and every side of the prism could be customized. The original idea was to have led lights in the middle of the tubes so the frame could be illuminated if desired.
A few weeks ago I thought, why not use this frame as an Instagram frame? I was making models with foam cores, so I thought it would be a good idea to use foam cores as triangle prisms and turn them around a tube from an aluminium foil. The project had to be very simple, recyclable and had to be made from stuff I had in my office. 
Before turning this project into a commercial product where everybody can put whatever they print and put on the prisms, here is the prototype I made for myself. If interested, check out my blog Imagine Dream Create where I try to explain how to make it.