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Nintendo Switch UP - Concept

Nintendo Switch UP
Updated, upscaled, upgraded.

The Nintendo Switch UP is a fan-made, mid-gen update proposition of the big N’s current console designed with a leaner experience in mind. It focuses on what matters; It’s now more powerful, more portable, more colourful. 
The Nintendo Switch UP is an entirely new piece of hardware. Its updated form factor brings reworked ergonomics, with rear grip handles that allow for comforter play sessions. The button layout has been switched to a symmetrical configuration, while the beloved D-Pad makes its comeback. The new device is also smaller than its original counterpart, while its screen size of 7 inches brings a 25% increase.

Speaking of display, the Nintendo Switch Up is now equipped with a new IPS LCD Multi-touch display with a resolution of 1080p. Powering this display is a brand new set of processors: The Nvidia quad-core Cortex-A72 in terms of CPU, and Nvidia Turing 10nm high-performance for the GPU. RAM has been bumped to 6GB, ensuring faster load times, better graphics, and overall greater performance. The console now comes with 64GB of onboard storage, which means more room for games on the go. There is also an SD card slot for extra storage.
The Nintendo Switch UP battery technologie has been improved too. It now provides 4.5 to 8 hours of portable battery life, partly due to additional room gained from the rear handle grips. 

Jetset gamers can also purchase the Nintendo Switch UP Shell Kit for an additional 5 hours of battery life, raising portable gaming time to about 12 hours. The external battery snaps magnetically at the back of the console, seamlessly filling the gap between the handles. 

The device’s weight has been reduced to 12 ounces, making it easier to hold with one hand. That should prove necessary with games like Super Mario Maker 2, because asymmetric gameplay is making its return.
The Nintendo Switch UP comes with a redesigned, flattened dock station. It makes it easier to pick up the device, now resting horizontally when on TV mode. It is called Clever Dock, because it integrates its own processing power, enabling asymmetric gameplay through a stable Wi-Fi connection. That means you can now enjoy playing games on your TV with your Nintendo Switch UP resting in your hands. Games like Super Mario Maker 2 will support this mode: just like with the Nintendo Wii U, you will be able to create levels on TV mode using the device’s Multi-touch capabilities.
The Nintendo Switch UP comes in 6 new vibrant colours:
Phazon Black, Cloud White, Master Blue, Iggy Green, Ink Pink and the 90’s classic Atomic Purple.
Nintendo is undoubtedly one of the most innovative company of all time. Over more than 30 years, the brand has consistently proven its ingenuity and creativity coming out of left field.

This project is a love letter to this company. 

May it keep upsetting the status quo for the next decades to come.
Nintendo Switch UP - Concept

Nintendo Switch UP - Concept

Fan-made Conceptual Design