Back to the 80's and 90's
Rewind is a start up company whose aim is to provide audio ad visual entertainment via the web, DAB and other digital means. It has been identified that there is an expanding market for retrospective music lovers. It has been decided by the company to focus on music that is at least 10 years old, has video material available and is available by permission of the artist / record company for download. To simplify the process a cut off date for the music initially available will be 1979-1999.
The company will operate an 'On Line Juke Box' which allows the user to draw down a selection of tunes to create a bespoke playlist that you can listen to for a limited preview. In conjunction, the user will be able to download for a fee comparable to iTunes, any song in the libraries including video and image files.
There would be supporting biography pages for artists. This service is also supported by an online and DAB broadcast service covering all genres and artists included in the companies music collections.
In order to tier the customer base and increase revenues, the service will include a 'Save and Send' function allowing customers to save a 'Juke Box' selection, remotely burn it to a CD, create a personalized sleeve and forward /gift it directly to a friend or themselves.
This part of the service will operate in a similar vein to online Message Card businesses such as The user may also send the CD sleeve out in a Gift box too. This will be open to more customizable options to choose from.
It is also expected that the service may extend out into the wider 'off line' market to promote the service and its included artists work into the retail and entertainment environments.
This service may allow 'out of home' direct downloads into digital music players such as the iPhone.