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    A rebranding project for a fish farm.

Qian Hu Fish Farm is a global integrated ornamental fish service provider and manufacturer of aquarium and pet accessories. 
They were pioneers of the industry in Singapore, with a strong history dating back to the 1970s . A nod to this rich history,

The iconic mascot , the High-fin loach has great sentimental value to the farm, and was thus retained from the previous 
branding but given a new illustration style.The same illustration style is also applied to other fishes to create retail identity graphics.
Originally facing the right, the loach was flipped to face the opposite direction, to represent an important value that Qian Hu firmly believes in. This value came from a chinese idiom 饮水思源, which means that it is  one's responsibility to look back at where they came from, 
to always stay humble and be thankful to those who helped you along the way.

The plastic bag is sensitively designed for the well-being of fishes, as fishes get discomforted by moving colours and distractions. This semi-opaque design allows customers to see the fishes from above , but protects the fish from seeing the outside world until they settle in their new homes. 

The retail identity uses the set of illustrations to form tessellations , exploring the asymmetry of nature as well as the collective effort of Qian Hu.