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    The Rafaela Abrahão project consists of completely developing a visual identity for a Brazilian fashion blogger. We do not work with the idea tha… Read More
    The Rafaela Abrahão project consists of completely developing a visual identity for a Brazilian fashion blogger. We do not work with the idea that we were developing just a visual identity project for a fashionist, we went further, and developed something that represents the deepest from Rafaela Abrahão, from her external characteristics to her preferred consumer brands, going through the pride of her family's origins, to philosophical questions as her spiritual experiences, in this case, Christianity. Read Less
Understanding her favorite brands, we began studying the elements that these marks
use to represent their tradition, integrity and class.
Brands like Prada for example, in one of his signatures, use of elements similar to the elements of the English nobility, or any other heraldic element.
However, Rafaela is of Arab origin, how can we develop a brand with features of European aesthetics and still make mention to the Arab culture?


Knowing that the brand should represent the client as a whole, we studied elements that would represent each of her taste and history: We understand that in general, the brand should make a direct mention of European aesthetic. And this is evident right away by the typographic choice for the logo (Didot). On the other hand, would still have to develop a mention to her arabic origins, as a way of honoring it , and her faith, as gift in their daily lives.

1 - Logotype - Didot (French type)
2 - Monogram with elements that refer to Arabic calligraphy.
3 - Monogram's support inspired on tiles
4 - Crowning the symbol, and mentioning the European aesthetic and the Bible (her rule of faith) we use
olive branches. It is well known the presence of the tree during important passages of the Bible,
its anointing oil represented the healing and holiness.



Making Of
Close to the official launch of the blog, we had the Easter holiday, taking the opportunity, that the name itself means "Passage". We set up some simple Easter kits to be sent to some people (in Brazil we have the custom of exchanging chocolate eggs in celebration.) We recorded the preparation, from the silk screening to the finish ups on the kit, containing a card with a beautiful message.
Rafaela, although she holds a certain class and a good financial condition, she easily adapts to every environment she attends. And so, her brand should work the same way. We have developed various types of signatures for the brand, so it could have a good behavior, from refined production methods to simple graphical stamps.


Creative Direction / Design: Braz de Pina & Rodrigo Francisco


Model Photography: Pedro Prestes
Stationary Photography: Daniel Barros


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