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    Mental Floss Magazine, May 2013
Recent one for Mental Floss magazine for an article titled "Arts on Trial". 

Basically the article went through 5 of the biggest trials throughout history, including the recent one involving Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedy's album art work. 
We had initially thought that we should riff on the top of 'censorship' so i came up with these three thumbnail sketches. 
1. Lady Justice as a nude with her privates blurred or censored in some fashion.
2. The artist's studio. The viewer is looking through a bookshelf into the artist's studio. He's painting a nude and the nude is blocked by a perfectly angled black book on censorship.  Side note, i actually finished this one up because I like it so much here
3. The scales idea. Lawyers on one side and the cases including a crazy looking Jello Biafra on the other. 
We realized though that the article wasn't only about censorship and ended up going with a modified version of the lady justice but one that incorporated all the articles (the money robe, burning books, etc).

Thanks Winslow for rocking with me on this one and for the art direction. Really happy with how it turned out!