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    Kuća istarskog pršuta
To position the new brand of the Istrian producer Pisinium on the market. Pisinium produces traditional products but wishes to present them in a new manner and at new locations- in cities.
The Istrian producer Pisinium produces high quality meat products. A specialty of this family producer is that, besides traditional meat products, in its offer it also has prosciutto with a designation of origin that is very much appreciated and sought after on the market. When we were contacted by Pisinium, they were not sure how this story should be presented. What was sure though were the locations where they wanted to be presented – in cities, in new urban areas, far away from villages and the place of production.
We have envisaged the brand «Kuća istarskog pršuta» for Pisinium, which, besides offering traditional Istrian food in a new manner, educates users on the specifics of Istrian prosciutto production.
«Kuća istarskog pršuta» represents a new type of consumption and sale of Istrian prosciutto and of all other traditional Istrian products.
«Kuća istarskog pršuta» has become an urban place of consumption of traditional products, and it is often visited by business people but also by groups of young people in search of something new.