After a long time sleeping togeher quite often he considered that the constant examination he was being subjeted had come to an end:
(He asked quietly)
"Trust me", he said. 
And he ended what he was doing and after laying down on his chest, he felt asleep. 
Después de un largo tiempo medio durmiendo juntos, consideró que era había llegado el momento de poner fin al escrutinio sistemático al que J. le estaba sometiendo noche tras noche.  
- Le preguntó tranquilamente.
"Confía en mí".
Y J. dejó lo que estaba haciendo, se acurrucó en su pecho y se durmió.
Brief break-up story by villaraco
1. We're done/ OK
2. In the meantime, in a remote part of his brain... I am scared/I am hungry/ I wanna sleep / I wanna DIE
3. Oh Lord, why me, oh WHY ME! / During aaaall the fucking night. 
4. The next morning. "What am I doing praying? I am atheist since I was little! Everything is going to be ok, everything is gonna be ok, you'll see. Think in the pain of others... "
5. How are you? / Bad... we are done :(
6. 5 minutes later whatsapp messages of support arrived from every single corner. / You all are great! Give me a Valium!
7. And everybody knows that almost everything can be fixed with good friends and some alcohol. 
8. Shame that nobody could make it to the bar, cause I drank that much that he ended up in the hospital, where the whatsapp messages os support also arrived. 
9. End
Hey, what if we skip the cinema and you come to my place?/
Sure! I love the idea!/
Ok, bring some wine then. And some clean underwear. /
Underwear.. u mean for tomorrow?/
Of course idiot! What else?/
OPS, I'm getting nervious. /
I wait. hihihi/
I am horny watching you in that dress...
I am eager for you to take this dress of me. 
Stop or you're gonna force me to take you to the toilets.. 
hahahaha means yes?
hahaha means we meet in the toilets in 5 minutes. 
Fuck yeah!
We are starting
(Dumb moment)
I had so much fun :D!
Me too! Though it's been weird when you have started crying :)
I am a sensitive guy. 
I really like you :DD
I really like you too!
We like each other!


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