Virtual Studio for KST Moschkau GmbH Teaser

We are very proud to share a teaser of Virtual Studio project with KST Moschkau GmbH.

Our CEO Maksym Khirnyy is art director, concept, modeling and project lead artist. He was trying to create a new approach to the use of virtual studios. Cube In Cube CEO Serhii Cheban and his team realized the project in Unreal Engine.
Beautiful and photorealistic environments for any broadcasting purpose as well as VR experience and virtual showroom. And be sure that the quality is the best! Rendering processes are performing real-time in 4k. The flexible set allows you to adjust virtual space to your taste and needs.
The idea and concepts 
Bodenständig – a German word that perfectly describes the idea of the concept we had to create. Space should look real, functional and down-to-earth. At the same time, we didn’t want to limit our creativity and decided to use a very interesting form of the building. It helped us to find a balance between efficiency and elegance.
We wanted to create not just a virtual studio, but the whole virtual building everybody can enter and use. The building itself is divided into several zones: reception, studio, presentation room, lounge zone, etc. And every room in the building is ready to receive guests!
Union Of modern Technologies and Stainless design
The combination of fantasy, courage, talent and technology allows us to create complex and photorealistic environments for film, television, broadcasting or advertising. Today we are able to create entire buildings with detailed settings or even whole virtual cities where lighting and weather are just as important as a realistic feeling of materials.
To create such complex projects and push the boundaries beyond imagination it’s crucial to gather the right team ready to any challenges. 
Thank you!
Virtual Studio for KST Moschkau GmbH Teaser