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EXIGEN // Concept car

Automotive Design

// Innovative storage spaces for autonomous cars_

University of applied Sciences Coburg   //   7th Semester   //   integrated Product Design 

Supervisor:  Prof. Gerhard Kampe


in about 15 years from now our world will look quite different then today, when it comes to driving a car for individual transportation_

electro mobility  //  car sharing  //  fully autonomous driving  //  artificial intelligence

these factors will massively change driving as we are used to_
but how about the storage?

// the concept_

Exigentiam (latin: Requirement )

EXIGEN is a fully autonomous fleet vehicle, which intelligently adapts to its passengers' needs in terms of storage space_

with flexible subscription models, EXIGEN offers a mobility package tailored to individual needs, which sends a configured "Fleet Shuttle" to the desired location at any time_

// Privacy Windows

the customizable glazing tint ensures the privacy of the occupants
it also allows a complete darkening of the interior space, for example for sleeping during longer journeys_

the flexible seating position allows easy, comfortable boarding_

the seats are freely rotatable and pivotable inside the vehicle, depending on the individual wishes of the passenger_

due to its optimized aerodynamics and high-performance electric motors,
EXIGEN enables fully autonomous driving at top speed, offering an individual alternative to long-distance air or rail travel_

on special speed lanes, the vehicle draws its energy directly from the lane via induction_

if the mobility package "Private Comfort " has been selected,
EXIGEN will not be used as a shared vehicle during the time it is not needed and will automatically search for a suitable parking space_

the vehicle features an intelligent cargo drone, which moves out of the trunk to equip the electric car with luggage and items_

the spherical tires allow a higher maneuverability compared to conventional wheels.
Furthermore they adapt in their condition to the respective ground to ensure the best possible grip_

the intelligent, flexible structure recognizes the shape and weight of luggage and other items placed on it - and automatically holds them in place by adjusting its shape_

in the fleet center, the vehicles are individually equipped according to the needs of the customers_

depending on whether they will travel short or long distances, have a lot or a little luggage to carry, want to sleep or work the suitable module will be docked_

the extendable wheelbase of the vehicle allows the docking of larger trunk modules with a longer overhang_

the EXIGEN Cloud collects data from its customers calendar sync, smart home and all connected devices to calculate their needs and estimate their mobility habits_

all data is drawn with the customers permission only and of course: fully encrypted_

with neural networking and deep learning the algorithm of the EXIGEN Ai predicts when and where a car is needed and which interior and trunk configuration suits the passengers needs the most_

// Family_ 

for the family, who wants to travel with a lot of luggage,
the algorithm automatically selects the spacious Kombi variant (station wagon) with either space for 2 extra people or a much larger trunk_

// Sportsman_

for the athlete with bulky luggage, such as Ski equipment or a mountain bike, the algorithm automatically selects the aerodynamic PickUp variant with a large cargo area_


© Benedikt Distler & Felix Marx ​​​​​​​

// Thanks for watching_

seat design by Julian Dorsch & Sebastian Meyr

EXIGEN // Concept car

EXIGEN // Concept car

EXIGEN is a fully autonomous electric car that intelligently adapts to its passengers' needs in terms of storage space. The fleet vehicle feature Read More