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Spotify (Adding Social Features)
Spotify is a leading music streaming service with a mission to help people listen to whatever music they want, whenever they want, and wherever they want.

The Objective: 
• To design social features for Spotify’s mobile app
• To follow Spotify’s existing design patterns
• To smoothly integrate the new features into the current app for a seamless experience

This is a speculative project, and I am not affiliated with Spotify.
I took all my findings from the research phase in order to create this persona, Tyler. Throughout the rest of the project I used this persona in order to help me make sure that all my design decisions are focused on Spotify’s core users.
User Flow 
After facilitating a group brainstorming session and coming up with a multitude of ideas, I created a product roadmap in order to prioritize which features I would design. I then created a user flow which helped me identify which screens and UI elements were needed to implement the new features. 
High-Fidelity Wireframes 
I created these wireframes in Sketch, based on Spotify's existing mobile UI. This helped give a clear idea of how the exactly the interface would look and function during the testing phase of the design. 

Added Features 
-Current Mood Survey  
-QR Code Sharing
-Live Listening Session
Revisions after Usability Testing 
After doing a series of guerrilla testing with Spotify users. I made the following changes. 
-Making the share option more accessible. 
-Increase functionality through a quick option to pass the remote
UI Kit
While I was designing these social features I maintained a UI Kit in order to document all the UI elements and patterns for future reference. (All icons were created from scratch inside Sketch)
Thank you for reading! Check out my website for more!
Spotify (Adding Social Features)

Spotify (Adding Social Features)

User Experience Project of creating social apps for Spotify


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