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Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2
Published by Jerry Luk · March 9 · 
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#FreespaceMixtape】收錄14首本地音樂單位全新音樂突破,《Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2》將於明天3月9日自由約中正式發佈,並同步在各大音樂串流平台正式上架!多隊音樂組合包括Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers、江逸天 、the prototyke lab、紙風鈴 Tree Phoning及ROOT等亦會於本周到訪末自由約,為觀眾送上澎湃演出!
同時,我們亦邀請了 Videotage 的新晉錄像藝術家與樂手合作,為《Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2》樂曲製作影像作品。影片將於明天起在 #自由空間 Facebook專頁逐步面世,密切留意!
Recording 14 tracks of cross-genre local music collaborations, our new “Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2” will be released on major music streaming platforms tomorrow! To help us celebrate, some of the featured artists including the Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers, Olivier Cong, the prototyke lab, Tree Phoning and ROOT will be joining us on stage this weekend at Freespace Happening! 
We have also invited video artists from #Videotage on the project to produce video work for “Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2”. The music videos will be released on #Freespace Facebook Page shortly, stay tuned!
音樂串流平台 Streaming Platforms: 
Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, KKBOX, JOOX Hong Kong, MusicOne, Mymusic, FriDAY Music
參與音樂單位及曲目 Music Groups and tracks:
1. 瞬樂團 Ensemble Transience – Morning Before Departure
2. ROOT – Waking Up
3. the prototyke lab – Dignity
4. Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers – Nostalgia
5. Narbi – Don’t Mind
6. 江逸天 Olivier Cong – Joe Padkelly
7. the prototyke lab – Indigo Hands
8. ROOT – Fly Me Out of Here
9. 瞬樂團 Ensemble Transience – Stillness
10. Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers – We Shall Never Surrender
11. 江逸天 Olivier Cong feat. Mo-Men-T – Delusion (Part 1, 2)
12. 紙風鈴 Tree Phoning feat. 胡晉僖 Wu Chun Hei – 39 92
13. 紙風鈴 Tree Phoning feat. 胡晉僖 Wu Chun Hei – this is not a perfect world
14. Mo-Men-T feat. 林灒桐 Mavis Lam – 縈迴一念 Recurrence
Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2