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    The painting that participated at the Shiseido Art Contest, (second place)
In the middle of February I participated at the Shiseido art contest with this work and it came second (You can see the winning work at http://www.shiseidoartcontest.gr/News.aspx). The underlying themes were dualism, tea, cherry blossoms, the tradition of Japanese Laquer painting, the consept of Omotenashi and the colors red, silver and gold. As anyone can see I have not tried to make any of these subjects the main theme of my work, neither my interpretation was so literary as they were at the winning work you can see here: http://www.shiseidoartcontest.gr/News.aspx. Nevertheless I got the second place and I am very happy about this, although a bit bitter of not doing something as appropriate my self. I would like to thank the company for providing this brilliant opportunity for young artists (the price for the first place is a considerable amount of money), the judging team for giving my painting such a good place and you for visiting! Enjoy and share the love!