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What to do to Ensure a Smooth Move
What to do to Ensure a Smooth Move
Now that you have signed your rental lease, the next step is getting prepared for your move.  In this chapter, we outline each step to help you prepare for your relocation.

Reach Out to Your Landlords

 Your landlord will want to finish a move-out checklist.  Let your new landlord know what day you plan to move in. You ought to ask him or her some questions that are key:
When will you receive your keys?  
On moving day, where should you park?
Is there a parking area big enough for a truck?
Are there service lifts to move furniture?
Will you need to complete a checklist before moving in?
Should you pay first month's lease?  Add your credit card or your bank account or you'll need to establish your account if you are paying rent on the internet.

Make Sure You Have Renters Insurance

Insurance is smart to have.  On your lease, your landlord might have even required it.  Renters insurance protects your belongings in the event of theft, fires, water damage, etc..  It will cover any damage done to your possessions. You can have this coverage for a low fee. If you currently have insurance for your apartment, all you need to do is call your insurance agent.  They will help through updating your plan for the address and let you know if there is a price change.If you do not have renters insurance, I recommend State Farm Renters Insurance.  They have a positive history and high customer satisfaction settling claims on behalf of tenants.  

Set Up Your Utilities

Your lease will outline which utilities are your own responsibility. It's typical for landlords to cover water and trash, but typically you'll need to set up gas, electricity, internet, and cable.

An easy way is to set up all your utilities at once. With My Utilities, you log in, add your new address, and their applications offers you multiple different providers to choose from for various utilities. You will select which prices and providers you'd like and add it to your cart. It's a great way to install all your utilities at once.

Change Your Address

To change your address, contact USPS. The process is simple. You'll enter your new address, select if your new address is temporary or permanent, select whether it's a family or individual address, and choose a date that is forward. Your date should be your date.

Be sure to update your address with your bank, credit card, medical offices, subscriptions, and allow your family and friends know.

Research Your New Neighborhood

Then get acquainted with where convenience stores and the grocery store are if you are moving to another neighborhood. You may want to prepare a new gym membership, find out what restaurants and pubs are in the area, and what transportation is nearby.

Purchase Furniture and Housewarming Items

If your place doesn't come with furniture or is larger than your previous residency, ensure you buy housewarmers and furnishings in order to avoid having an empty flat.

Consider Storage

If you're downsizing, or there are items you won't need in your location that is new, then consider storage. We recommend companies like PODS and MakeSpace. They will securely store your belongings at a reasonable price.

Pack Your Belongings

The trick to making your move go smoothly is to begin packing early. You should start with items that you don't need daily, like decorations, sentimental belongings, books and movies, and wall art. You can pack clothes and dishware that you won't want prior to your move.

Arrange the belongings so they can be quickly packed by you . Make certain to disassemble any furniture ahead of time to make the moving day easier.

Label two sides of each box so you can identify what's in each box as you pack boxes. This will ensure the labels can be read by you even if boxes are stacked on top of each other.

What to do to Ensure a Smooth Move

What to do to Ensure a Smooth Move

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