An immersive album premiere

PRO8L3M is a unique rap group with an eclectic fanbase, on the brink of ‘going mainstream’. Their storytelling makes listening to their songs akin to watching movies. Their upcoming album ‘WIDMO’ had an overarching theme - the fall of western civilization.
We wanted to build another dimension upon music and lyrics. A sensory, immersive trip to the world of PRO8L3M for fans, designed to be organically shared with the rest of the world. Making an influencer out of every guest.

A week before the premiere, we opened OUTPOST - a mysterious installation x listening party.

It was a raw, adult, underground, dystopian twist on a theme park concept. Filling the 1890m2 of post-industrial uncharted space with unexpected encounters that triggered the sense of discovery and a bit of uneasiness. A journey built from the series of experiences inspired by the band’s lore.

We were responsible for the concept and design of the whole event, all of the installations and 95% of digital content creation.


Arriving, you could see red beams in the evening mist, cutting through the 3rd-floor windows of the derelict factory. Moments later, guests would enter the unknown. Guided only by the path of lasers’ surfaces through the hazy darkness. 


Soon, they came upon an immersive light tunnel. The sensory entrance, preparing for the whole experience. Encompassing with thousands of animated lights and spatial sound design.


Next, a glimpse of the cyberpunk future - a holographic go-go dancer - rendered real-time in UE4.


A space in which a digital self-ignition occurs under strictly defined conditions - an interactive mirror, where you could see your burning reflection. ​​​​​​​


A space where you could peel off the first layer of our virtual worlds. Both original works are currently available to the public only on selected festivals.

'ORGANIC SPACESHIP: ONE' - explore the vast spaces of alien architecture reaching beyond the horizon. Feel the majestic scale as cosmic constructs pass close by, unparalleled by anything in the real world. 

'TURBULENCE I VR' - It’s a VR episode of TURBULENCE - an ongoing series of immersive audio-visual experiences created for large-scale, high-resolution media environments, that embossom viewers in the digital flow of simulated particles.


Guests enter a entered the party hall with additional interactive experiences located all around, a bar and the counter marking time to the album pre-premiere. 

matrix of thick, red lasers animated to the music above their heads, created a geometric light set design.

2050 VR x WWF

Guests could experience the VR simulation of the year 2050 where their own actions exposed the climate change consequences interactively and symbolically. We developed this project with WWF to raise awareness of the dark future ahead of us if we don’t act now.

It was an interactive VR experience with full hands tracking, showing that we might have to rely only on the simulated world full of Bitcoin scams and omnipresent ads in the dystopic future.


A holographic arcade fighting game with real-life size fighters. Inspired by Mad Max's Thunderdome and retro arcade games, the set design was a cage filled with additional elements.


A weird social experiment - a rough prototype of VR intercourse simulator. It was a surprise for everyone who tried it - we didn't show anyone what the user saw. Most left the experience laughing, but there were many different reactions across the spectrum of guests.​​​​​​​


In the center of the listening party, stood the Infinity Cube. A multimedia monolith, the animated scenography for all guests and an immersive installation that invited everyone to step inside and experience the infinite structure of recursively reflected animations. 

Looking at it, we are sourrounded by the 3-dimensional grid of red, thick lasers - the background and the environment for the experience. We can see people inside, but they cannot see us. We don’t know where the screen ends and the reflection begins. From every angle, from every spot in the room, the installation looks different.

When we go inside, we’re entering the immersive space of infinity. Purposely designed animations create infinite structures from reflections all around us.

Inspired by the classic Infinity Rooms popularized by Yayoi Kusama, we created our multimedia fueled take that became something more than infinity room.

It became a part of the show.

Though, the interactive exhibition was 18+ (most of the hardcore fans of the group are younger), almost 4000 people experienced OUTPOST in 5 days after dark. 

The word of mouth and social media buzz made it the most FOMO event of the season. Media wrote about it for days.

No one in Poland has ever promoted an album this way

The most innovative multimedia installation promoting music

A little, dystopian Disneyland

Our duo was responsible for the concept and design of the whole event, all of the installations and 95% of digital content creation. 

It was our biggest project to date, inspired by the constant analysis of experiential design, interaction design, and game design around us. Poland suffers from a lack of experience design in every aspect of life. We try to get people's attention with our projects and teach them to be aware of and appreciate the good user experience and experience design.

Thanks for watching!


Imagined by MELT

Creative Director /  Art Director / Experience Director / RnD x Technical Director / Designer / Motion Designer / Producer

Kamila Staszczyszyn x Kuba Matyka / MELT

Commissioned by PRO8L3M

Produced by OUTRAGE
PR & Communication: OUTRAGE
Producer: Tamara Cibor / OUTRAGE
Photographer: Zuza Sosnowska
DoP: Jakub Węgliński

PRO8L3M - OUTPOST - Immersive Album Premiere