Chronoslex is a company from Porto, dedicated to the development of calculus software and management
of lawsuits deadlines. In the identity, we focused on the etymology of the name, composed of two Latin words: chronos, meaning "time"; and lex, "law." For each of these words, a representative visual element was defined.
In this case, the hourglass and the Doric column were chosen, respectively. Elements that later served as the foundation of the logo, combined with the letters C and X - the first and last letter of the name - in reference
to the balance of the scale plates. The result is an identity that confronts modernism and minimalism with classicism. In parallel, a software was developed with web and mobile support. The development of the software focused on the assertiveness of the calculation of lawsuits, without neglecting the user experience and the connection that the interface has with the Chronoslex brand.