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    Location: [3422’22.10 N] [11745’53.40 W] approximately 6 miles west of Big Pines Highway in Los Angeles County, and 10 miles west of Wrightwood. … Read More
    Location: [3422’22.10 N] [11745’53.40 W] approximately 6 miles west of Big Pines Highway in Los Angeles County, and 10 miles west of Wrightwood. Student: Cody Campbell | M.ARCH1 | UCLA | 2010 Instructor: Greg Kochanowski Project Description: [Stabilize] Extreme slopes are vulnerable to fire, heavy rains, and earthquakes. These three conditions are especially prominent in the San Gabriel mountain range. These conditions cause frequent debri flows and washouts, resulting in severe road damage on SR-2 km125.6. The road damage consistantly interrupts the direct route connecting Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. In 2009, The Department of Transportation District 7 constructed Caltrans Bridge that adressed the problem by spanning across an adjacent valley and allowing the debri to flow underneath the bridge. This passive ecological approach was adopted when designing Refuge Lookout. Adjacent to the Caltrans Bridge is a similar valley that is equally disrupting to SR-2. To adress the problem, the building will divert debri over the road by funnelling and extending a cantilevered structure over the road, eliminating road damage in the hazardous zone. To adress the constantly changing conditions, slides, flows, etc., a more aggressive approach toward the landscape was taken in order to stabilize the area. Research on slope stabilization led to the use of a technology known as shotcrete grid beam systems. Used on extreme slopes, the technology stabilizes vulnerable hillsides by gripping the land and creating cells that can be vegetated. Over time, the system only gains in stability as more vegetation grips the soil, preventing slides. [Integrate] Isolation from nearby civilization called for the need of a self supporting, sustainable building. Therefore, the slope stabilization system is integrated with surface/rainwater collection. The shotcrete grid beam system is embedded with a network of drainage pipes that collect and divert much needed water to appropriate locations on the site. The network delivers water to areas up-slope from the builing, accessable to trainees for fighting controlled fires. Down-slope from the training grounds, the water is diverted into a reservoir that will serve to support the facility needs. Read Less