Forest fires in Portugal were a tragic mark of 2017. Thousands of trees and hundreds of houses were destroyed, companies were reduced to ashes, and, worst of all, 106 people were killed. Renascer is an initiative that joins five companies in a noble cause: to reforest some of the areas most affected by the fires. How? Cerveja LETRA and Cerveja Rapada joined forces to brew a unique craft beer, Antecâmara created the graphics & design, Betaflex Lda. volunteered to print the labels and Horto Mondego Lda. was responsible for gathering and distribution of trees. For each beer sold (containing a tree and a beer), five trees will be planted in the affected areas. The illustration created for this special edition represents several layers, done with a cutting technique, each one representing different metaphors. On the foreground is the current situation of the country during the fires, and the following layers represent rebirth, the idea of renewal that the project wants to instill. After research on Portuguese native trees (e.g.: midland hawthorn, European fan palm, common dogwood, sweet chestnut, broadleaved pepper tree, among others), we simplified their shapes and later altered them chromatically, so that the label had a more cheerful and graphic touch. The label has a recycled paper texture on every element, appealing to recycling and respect for nature. The project proved to be a success. The funds raised exceeded the initial goal of 5000 trees, having currently gathered enough for the plantation of 20419 trees. Hope you enjoy it.