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Emma Ewa Smieszek Creative Printmaking Portfolio
A scan of an original drawing/painting. Pencil, watercolours, fine liners. A2 paper size.
A digital print. Components prepared separately by hand on paper (fineliner, watercolours), then scanned and put together digitally.
Drifting in immensity of the space can symbolise not knowing the meaning of exsistence. Also misfielding in regard to what role all of living on Earth creatures’ lives play in the Universe. At the same time a medusa is a symbol of surrending to the forces of nature, trusting the fate, because after all, none of us know where we head towards and where our wander ends. A medusa wanders with dignity, with peace, oozing beauty at the same time. It paces the limbo of unknown, not looking for the purpose but accepting the travel, patiently waiting where the fate’s path is going to lead it. After all, not the goal is the most important but the wander itself.
"Be Open"
"Everyone"                    All of the above made with mixed media techniques ,merged digitally (fine liners, pencils, watercolours, bleach&ink)
"Different flowers"

When I moved to Scotland 7 years ago I was truly amazed by broadly seen diversity. Diversity in architecture, fauna, flora, and of course people. In the town that I grew up, there are not many chances to experience any kind of cultural differences. I was really excited to get to know as many people coming from different countries as possible. To hear about the values they had been taught, experiences they had, family and national celebrations, places they went, stories they had to share. I learnt one common thing about them all – that all of our cultures, backgrounds, combinations of skills and experiences are so rich and waiting to be explored and admired.
In my work touching diversity subject I portrayed women and used three different quotes.
The first one is “What the world needs most is openness: open doors, open eyes, open minds, open hearts, open eyes, open souls.” By Robert Muller.
The girl in the image has blank eyes and her blindness can be interpreted in two ways: she is either an ignorant and a hater and needs to get her sight back to open to diversity OR she doesn’t see the differences in people in a bad way so doesn’t judge by any diverse features.
The second one: “A lot of different flowers make a bouquet” – Muslim Origin
I wanted to show the Diversity in Women all around the world and that they are all equally beautiful despite of their looks and backgrounds. 
Finally the third image’s quote: “Everyone likes to be respected” by Nishtman, one of the ESOL students we had a chance to meet. In this poster I wanted to show that eyes are mirrors of the souls and basically nothing apart of them like nationality, religion etc. shouldn’t be relevant. Just the light, deepness and blink in the eye. 
            We are all unique in our own way. We have different accents, depending on where we have been, our skins and bodies look different inherited from our forefathers and all of it creates the people we are.
We should be seeing diversity as an opportunity to learn, embrace and admire. What Is different is beautiful.
In this project I had a chance to create three different risograph prints portraying Scottish Cultural Identity.  The whole project was very exciting as Scotland was a country of choice for myself to live in and I feel like falling in love in it over and over again every day, so really enjoyed doing the research for the project. The other exciting thing about the project was learning about a completely new to me printing technique which is Risography. Risograph prints on the left, digital files on the right. 
"The Lost Son"
A woodblock print carved in 40x20 cms plank. Part of the WW100Project.
A scan of a triple layered screen print. The rooster drawn with fine liners on paper, then scanned, posrpoducted and transferred into screen. 
A scan of a combined screen and risograph print with some hand colour rendering (posca pen and pastels). Risograph is based on a pencil drawing I did, screen print on flowers I drew with fine liners. I Created a series of 10, each of them being slightly different and unique.
Different colour version of the above.
A digital print of the Medusa. Al components prepared by hand on paper (pencil face, snakes and hair fineliner, colour with alcohol inks on yup paper). All scanned, postpoducted and put together.
Another mixed printing techniques piece. All components prepared on paper by hand, then scanned and turned into screen and risograph print.
Emma Ewa Smieszek Creative Printmaking Portfolio

Emma Ewa Smieszek Creative Printmaking Portfolio


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