International Symposium - VASoSPASM 2011
International Symposium - VASoSPASM 2011
Our team planned and supported VASoSPASM 2011: 11th International Conference on Neurovascular Events after Subarachnoid Hemmorrhage.
VASoSPASM 2011 attracted over 250 attendees from 18 countries across the globe.
The vision:
Collaboration at the conference between clinicians and basic scientists leading to worldwide change in clinical practice and patient management.

Conference features:
| 3-day scientific program of plenary sessions, workshops, and poster presentations
| Peer-reviewed abstract submissions
| Award Competition in three categories: Young Investigator, Bench to Bedside and Back Again, and The Next Big Idea
| Elegant reception and festive riverboat cruise

Event planning services provided:
| Planning and strategic development
| Site selection, negotiation and management
| Scientific program planning
| Procurement of corporate exhibitor and grantor sponsorship
| Identity and branding, design, and printed materials
| Promotion, advertising, and media coverage
| Website development, including registration, payment, and abstract center
| Presentation development and speaker support
| On-site staffing and management, audiovisual support, photography, social media

| promotions | printed materials |

The conference identity and branding depicted vasospasm, the vascular constriction after aneurysm rupture.
| development | online registration | abstract submission center |
Promotion & Social Media
| online promotions | onsite Twitter updates and photography
Lecture Support 
| template design | presentation development | onsite speaker support |
Academic Publication 
| editorial management |

The meeting proceedings were published as journal articles in Acta Neurochirurgica Supplement.
International Symposium - VASoSPASM 2011

International Symposium - VASoSPASM 2011

4- day Scientific Conference planning and support
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